Easy and Quick way to configure the Hushmail Setting

Email has deeply impacted our world and our way of communication. It has now become the part of our modern life style.There is various email service providing company in the world. One such company is Hushmail. Hushmail Customer Service is known for providing excellent customer services for any customer query.

Hushmail was introduced in the early days of Internet that is in late 90's era as part of harsh communication. It allows user to access their email from any part of the world whether through mobile or Pcs. It by default provides strong encryption protocol in order to protect their user mail from any threat. User sometimes does faces issue regarding like how to configure the hushmail settings on windows 10 one can take the help of through their customer support or one need to follow Some of these common procedures to reset it :

  • First of all, go to the outlook.com and click on the file menu and select Info and then click on Account settings.
  • Further, click on New and type your name, email address passphrase in the space provided.
  • When one finish entering your account information, select the Manually configure server setting or the additional server types and then click Next.
  • Select Internet Email and click next.
  • Type your account settings as shown below. When you have finished, click on more setting and click on next.User Information: Your Email: Your Email Address:
  • Server Information: Account Type: IMAPIncoming Mail server: imap.hushmail.com Outgoing Mail server ( SMTP ): smtp.hushmail.com
  • Login Information; User Information: Your email address.Password : Your passphrase.
  • Select the outgoing server tab.
  • Select My outgoing server to require authentication and use the same setting as my incoming mail server.
  • Select the Advanced tab and under the Incoming Mail server ( SMTP), select TLS for the following type of encrypted connection option.
  • Click Finish and then click on Close.

But In Case, even after that one faces some problem. Then one can contact to Hushmail Customer Service Their excellent qualified technical team is supported by years of experience in their respective domain and can remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.


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