Quick ways to Fix the WordPress Image Uploading Issue

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With having more than 40 millions of user base, it provides a unique platform for the different diverse group to target their own particular audience. Despite providing unique services to its customer user do face technical difficulties. One of the common issues is uploading the image on WordPress. One can take the help of WordPress Technical Support or follow some of the common procedures to fix the upload imaging issue :

  • First of all figure out if the uploading issue is with a particular image or with all images.
  • If you have an issue with one image then rename the image and decrease the image resolution.
  • If issue is with all the images then
  • Change file permission to fix the image upload issue: First of all, open your site file and access your site’s files and open your site root directory i.e. Public_html. Open your Wp content folder and here uploader is located. Right click on the uploaded file and then select file permission and then change file attributes window, change the settings Numeric Value: 77 and Re curse to sub directories: Tick. Then click on apply button.
  • Try to Deactivate all of Your plugins: one can also try to deactivate it before uploading images to see if that fixes the image upload issue of plugins. One can also use faces issue related to memory limits due to a lot of plugins which might be the real cause of this issue.

Even after that one faces the issue, then one can contact through WordPress Support Number to resolve the issue. Their Customer support team will make sure that your issue gets resolved in the minimum time interval and you get the best assistance from their team.

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